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June 24, 2004 by longhornbear
finally got the strength to go to our animal shelter downtown to pick out a kitty cat with my partner Wayne, i told him he could choose the one he wanted, we got approved, actually had to lie we didnt have another cat, her papers arent current but are now, we got in there to pick one out and i couldnt help myself and found a cute shorthair black and white male named Ted, he looks like a skunk reversed, black stripe down his back, white legs, except for black spots on his front legs, very cute an...
June 24, 2004 by longhornbear
i used to like to watch my favorite tv shows but was too lazy to tape them if i wasnt around, then i would lose interest and never get back into them, my cable operator now offers a DVR - Digital Video Recorder, since i am paying $150 a month to Time Warner i thought i better use it...... it only holds 40 hours of TV shows, but its the greatest invention ever to come my way, below is a list of the shows i "DVR" i also record on VCR a daily soap opera which i will include

COPS - on about 10 ...
June 24, 2004 by longhornbear
for some reason i am addicted to this game, I DJ in a club and see people play these touchscreen games
i finally dropped some money in it and picked Boxxi, its a colorful game that has random squares that you try to
connect together, the more that connect the more points you get, i never was concerned with a top score until i started getting
good at it, i could never get a higher score than 1,100,000 points, i was number one at one point until someone named "Rich" came in and got 1,456,000, ...